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Hi, my name is Ray and Im looking for someone with some talent in making hip hop tracks that I could rap to. Im a bit new at this rap game so I thought I'd start out here and since I dont have the equipment to make any beats I was wondering if someone could create some for me. It would be very greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping out please message me and we could set something up.


P.S. If I decide to use any tracks you have created for me I will be sure to give you notable credit for the finished product.

When you post music onto the Audio Portal that you believe is good people should vote on it right? Well they do..... but they give me bad scores. Now im fine with people giving me low scores but shouldn't you explain why you make someone's overall rating of a song 0.55??? I mean seriously WTF?! FRICKEN COMMENT ON HOW I CAN MAKE THE SONG BETTER. I especially dont think i deserve a 0.55 though compared to alot of other music people post. Someone please listen to my song Through the Soldier's Eyes, rate it, AND EXPLAIN YOUR RATING!!!.... thankyou.


2011-06-05 15:06:19 by METALMIXMAN25

Trying to put a band together. I will soon be posting songs like crazy so be on the look out. I just gotta figure out how to get my recording board to pick up the drums. Dont worry it will be worth the wait. =). If someone would like to help me figure out how to record some drums let me know. Im hooked up with a Line 6 TonePort UX2 that records my guitars and bass through GearBox and my recording station is Live 4.1.5. If I need a different set up someone let me know.

Team Players?....I don't think so

2011-04-17 15:30:11 by METALMIXMAN25

So on Saturday (April 16th 3:00 pm) I was playing World of Tanks. The map loaded and tanks split up into 3 groups to accomplish what was necessary to win. I was in the group that helped defend the base. As I observed my position I saw that most of the tanks in my division were out in the open. I reccomended that they should find some cover so that they weren't sitting ducks for the enemy artillery. Upon finishing my request a player by the name of Jade (with i think 3 numbers following of which I cannot remember) told me I should **** off and STFU (Shut the **** up). I told him that I wasnt here to get in a hostile situation with my allies and that his respect and removal of his aggressive language would be greatly appreciated, whereupon which he told me I couldnt tell him what to do because I was a noob (newbie). I told him I was just as good as he was and that I am not engaging any further in this childish argument. In the distance i saw an enemy tank but the player happened to be in my line of fire. I carefully aimed my gun so that the shot missed. Jade, thinking that I was shooting at him, followed up with insults and ramming his tank into mine. He would not listen to any attempts I made to apologize for trying to shoot an enemy tank while he was infront of me (I should've let the enemy blow him to pieces). I tried to disengage and move to another place on the map but he knew I couldn't out run him, so he continued to keep ramming my tank and causing damage, he even fired a round at my tank disabling my tracks and forcing me to become immobile. He rammed my tank repeatedly and I was soon on minimum health. This incident had begun to attract the attention of his friends, who were cheering him on. I remember the last thing he said was that I shouldn't have messed with a tank that I couldn't handle. As he said this he charged at me with his tank, so I turned and fired at his tracks so I could get away. But the round hit dead center in the face of his tank and blew him to pieces. After this happened Jade's friends were upset that a "Newbie" blew up their "indestructable friend". So they decided to provide another smack to my face by reporting me to the enforcement section that enforced the rules and regulations of the game whereupon which I was banned for firing on an ally. Now tell me if I am wrong but........ ISN'T THAT A BIT REDICULOUS?!?!?!?!